Thursday, June 19, 2008

Death to homework!!!

Since I am a teacher I am lucky enough to have off an entire summer. While I realize that not many other jobs have this luxury, I can't say that it is one of the perks (at least for now). I am entering my third year teaching and ever since I started I have nothing to look forward to in the summer except homework. Though I have the benefit of being able to sleep in, as soon as I get up I have to log onto the computer and sit here working on these pointless assignments that I apparently need for certification to teach 5th and 9th grade level math. I'M BORED!!! As I have explained it to Matt I go into a "funk." This is where I have no desire to do anything. Sitting around the house sucks, but leaving doesn't sound appealing either. Today for example, Matt went to a dinner and movie with his dad after work for Father's Day. This means I am home by myself until about 7 tonight with nothing to do. You would think I would get way ahead on homework so that I can maybe take a weekend off?? Nope. I did strictly what I needed to and nothing more. Instead I have found everything else to do so that I wouldn't have to do additional homework: unload and reload the dishwasher, pick weeds in 115 degree heat (my least favorite chore in the world), fold laundry from about a week ago, do more laundry (thus creating more folding), type this blog, and this list goes on. I realize that I am being whiny, but I need something outside of this mind numbing, unstimulating routine. I am basically passing time waiting for Matt to get home and entertain me. Needless to say this is not something he is usually up for after working in the heat all day :( With that said Matt and I have a date planned for this weekend. As you can imagine I am super excited about it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The beginning...

A little background information:

Matt and I met in our junior year of high school (I was 16 he was 17). We dated for 6 years exactly before he popped the question on our anniversary. I was caught off guard to say the least since I had not even graduated college. Needless to say, 1 year and 5 days later we were married. I am working as a high school teacher teaching math in the special education the high school I graduated from no less (not just seemed to work out that way). I can honestly say of all the things I ever imagined doing when I was a "grown up" this is not one of them. I will say though that I can't imagine doing anything else. I absolutely love my kids (most of them:) Matt is working for the post office as a mail carrier. He is definitely not the type of guy who can sit at a desk all day so this job suites him well. That is until its 120 degrees outside! All in all we are pretty simple people but it works for us. We love being married and can not wait to start our family...which leads to why I even started this thing in the first place.

I tend to be a pretty forgetful person and am pretty well known for my sticky notes (especially at work). There is a reason for this...if I do not write it down I will forget. In short, I want to have a place where I am able to document the events of our lives so that 20 years from now I will remember them. Since I really don't know anyone on here I am not to concerned with keeping a giant list of friends or stating my views on current affairs. Rather, this is made for personal documentation. At this point I have no idea what I am doing. I hope to become a little more blog savvy and well see where it goes from there.