Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Time Fun!

My last summer break without Kendyl is coming to a close. While I am slightly sad that it is over I am also very excited to start a new school year. Here is a recap of some of the best that summer has to offer.

Things I will miss:
1. Being able to sleep in past 5a.m.

2. Not getting ready most days out of the week (I probably did my hair and make-up less than 15 times this summer). This also includes being able to wear "comfy clothes"

3. Having extra time to do whatever I want

4. Going to lunch with friends

5. So You Think You Can Dance!! (The finale is next week, but it will be back in the fall :)

6. Summer storms (yes, there was only 1, but it was GREAT!)

7. Being available to help friends and family by babysitting for them (Austin and I got a lot of quality time this summer. I will add pictures below)
8. Staying up late (11 is late right?)

9. Random visits from people (mostly Danielle)

10. Vacations

11. Grocery shopping in t
he middle of the day on a weekday (no lines!)

Things I will NOT miss:

1. The HEAT!!! (I realize it is not over yet, but we have made it through the worst of it)

2. Being pregnant in the heat

3. Being a prisoner to air conditioning because of the heat

4. Summer time SRP bills

5. Feeling bad about not doing more with all the extra time I have (every year I say I want to start cooking more and it never seems to happen...probably because its too hot)

6. Being home all day while Matt is at work - I miss him :(

7. Baseball (stupidest sport EVER! and Matt seems to want to watch it all the time)

Here are some pictures of summer happenings...they are mostly Austin:
Playing director (or something)

Cooling off with some Gelato...YUM!

He came up with this one completely on his own through no influence of Aunt Nikki ;)

There are no free rides at Aunt Nikki's. He also "helped" me paint Kendyl's room.

The one thunderstorm this summer. It was GLORIOUS!! Matt and I sat out on the patio and watched it...until the thunder and lightning got a little too close for comfort.

2009-2010 school year here I come :)

Goodbye Annie

I was one of those teenagers who wanted to drive the second she turned 16. Lucky for me, my step-dad's step-dad was selling his '93 Honda Civic right around the time I was getting my permit. The car only had 25,000 miles on it and was in great shape. It was PERFECT! Before I actually had my permit I would just go and sit in it anticipating the day I could actually drive it. The memories in that car are endless: I actually learned how to drive in that car (which made for some pretty entertaining experiences). I took my driver's test. I went on my first date with Matt, had a water balloon fight with Ben, Matt and Dan while driving (Matt and Dan were in his truck...looking back, no it was not such a good idea), and had my first fender bender (neighbors stupid car jumped out of nowhere). Annie was AMAZING on gas and has had relatively few problems over the years. I actually drove her until about a year and a half ago when we bought my Jetta. While I love my new car, Annie will always have a special place in my heart. Matt and I decided to use Annie as Matt's mail car (no not all mail carriers get the jeeps to deliver in) after buying the Jetta. Anyway, Matt finally got a mail car which means that it is time to say goodbye to Annie. It's been fun. Thanks for all the happy memories 870 eggs (remember Ben?). I am sure she will enjoy her new home at Matt's uncles.

Here I am driving for the first time by myself. I was going to school. I don't think I have ever been so happy to go to school...ever!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

26 Weeks!

I am about 2 days shy of my 27th week right now which puts me in my 7th (ish) month. Things have been going pretty well lately with the exception of the 115 degree heat. I have done the math and I am convinced that it is 8 degrees hotter for a pregnant woman so 115 feels like 123 for me. Yuck! So anyway here are the updates:
I went in for my routine doctor visit around my 24th week. Unfortunately, my levels of glucose were slightly higher than they should have been (stupid Peanut Butter crunch!). The doctor told me that she was going to move the glucose test up, that she wanted to see me again in 2 weeks, and I needed to get another ultrasound (yay!). Just for the record I will say that the drink was not as bad as everyone said it was going to be. It tasted like carbonated, concentrated Tang to me. Anyway, long story short, the test results came back normal which means 2 VERY good things...I wouldn't have to get the 3 hour glucose test done (where they stab you 4 times!), and I am officially DONE with bloodwork!!! (Up next...the IV...I better start preparing now).
The ultrasound was pretty quick since they were just measuring the growth of the baby. Apparently, "little" Kendyl is not so little! She is in the 91st percentile! I guess she is going to take after her dad after all? They told me that she was about 2 lbs 6oz already. She likes to throw her weight around too. I get to feel it all day long...Unfortunately, I am the only one who gets to feel her move because every time Matt tries to feel it she stops! Maybe he will have to be the one to get up in the middle of the night and calm her down?! Hmmm...
So here I am at 26 weeks:No progress has been made on her room though we did go out and buy the materials. I will post pictures as we make progress (hopefully it will be sooner than later...). 94 days left...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Maryland Trip (the rest of it)

Matt and I had a great trip to Maryland yet again. I always love going home. There is just nowhere else like it. The weather was great because it wasn't 115 degrees like it was in AZ! This trip we spent most of our time just visiting family which always makes for a nice trip. Here are some pictures:

We spent Thursday with Charlie. He took us to lunch and Jimmie Cone (of course) and then we went to see Great Falls which was really neat because we had never seen it before.Jimmie Cone...The BEST ice cream place! pretty!

The falls. This picture does not do it justice. They were really beautiful!

The gang out at dinner at Mama Lucias (minus Austin who was under the table??).
Delicious as always.

Friday we met up with Amy and the kids. We went to lunch at Kozy Korner Pizza and then duckpin bowling. After that we naturally wanted desert at none other than Jimmie Cone. We had so much fun!
At Kozy Korner playing some foosball

Courtney and Hayley

It was so funny seeing Matt holding a duckpin bowling ball ;)

Austin gearing up for some Duckpin bowling. (He actually won! At least, against the kids he did)

These 2 were inseperable!
I am pretty sure Hayley is Austin's first crush. So cute!

Everyone enjoying Jimmie Cone after an intense game of bowling!

Austin's first time at Jimmie Cone...I think he liked it!

Jimmie Cone paying their respects...

Saturday was the baby shower (see previous post)

Sunday was my friend Kelli's baby shower. I have known Lindsay and Kelli since 2nd grade and I am so glad that we have kept in touch all these years. The last time I went to Maryland (October) I found out Lindsay was pregnant. About 2 months later I found out Kelli was also pregnant. Little did I know that in about another month I would be joining the club as well. The 3 of us are only a couple of months apart and now our kids will be as well. I think it is the coolest thing, but at the same time it makes me a little sad to not be there : ( Here we are at Kelli's shower. Lindsay just had her little guy and he is absolutely precious!! Kelli is due in August.
Though we had a great time in Maryland we had to get back to a certain little girl who we missed terribly!!I think she missed us too! She switched between my lap and Matt's lap the entire drive home. She thinks she is such a lap dog ;)

Maryland Baby Shower

We were lucky enough to be able to fly home and have family throw a baby shower for us while we were in Maryland. It was so nice to see family as always. Matt and I...or should I say Kendyl was a very spoiled little girl. Thank you everyone for all the adorable gifts and wonderful company. A special thanks to my mom and Amy for throwing the shower. It was perfect! Here are some pictures from the afternoon.
It's not quite a Grandma cake, but it's still pretty cute!

My cousins Alerie and Lauryn

Austin and Lauryn

My mom and Lisa

The men (Sean, Scott, Charlie and Matt)...there were a few more missing from this picture. Maybe they didn't want to be seen at a baby shower?

Aunt Ruthann and Uncle Richard

Amy, Sean, Maryellen, Courtney, Lauryn and Hayley

One of my favorite guests...Little Mr. Jeffery...SOO cute!!

Daddy practice :)

I realize that there are no pictures of me...I was feeling a little under the weather and wasn't really up for taking a bunch of pictures. Oh well. We had a great time. Thanks again everyone :)