Friday, April 2, 2010

5 months!

5 months has been so much fun. Kendyl is getting more and more personality everyday and Matt and I are having a blast watching it develop. It is especially fun since she has such a great demeanor. She is generally pretty mellow and happy which makes being a parent that much more fun. Here are a couple of the highlights (and low lights) of the month:
-Kendyl has started to get into EVERYTHING! She wants to play with anything that is in front of her...unfortunately, sometimes this was mom's study guide for her big math test.
-Still no teeth, but I am not going to complain about this because I am not ready for her to start biting me.
-She has started laughing a little more. For whatever reason she finds my mom's dogs especially hilarious...I don't get it.
-She has become a real mommy's girl this month. It's not that she doesn't like Matt or anything, but towards the end of the month she started a phase where if I was in the room she only wanted me and when I would leave she would start to cry. I think Matt's feelings have been a little hurt because she has always been such a Daddy's girl. I am sure she will come back around.
-She has also started pushing up on all fours recently. She has a real desire to get into things which I think will kick the urge to crawl into gear pretty quick.
-Apparently she does not like to sleep on her back anymore. The doctor's at the hospital made such a big deal about babies sleeping on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS. Naturally, I was all freaked out about it, but now that she can roll over she has been consistently sleeping on her stomach and it stresses me out! I know that she can roll herself over if she needs to, but she is sleeping with her face buried in the mattress. I have asked around a little and people seem to think that it's completely fine, but I am not sold yet.
-Probably the biggest thing that happened this month was when we had to take Kendyl to the ER. She had been back into a routine of waking up in the middle of the night so we thought that instead of feeding her carrots at dinner we would try cereal. In an effort to be healthy we bought the whole grain kind. Everything was fine. She ate it with no issues, but after we put her to bed for the night Matt and I heard her in her room coughing really loud so I went into her room only to find that she was covered in throw up! I pulled her out of her crib to clean her up and noticed that all the color had drained from her face. She was completely lethargic but was not running a fever. Obviously I was worried so we called the on call pediatrician and they suggested that we take her to the emergency room. While we were driving Kendyl began dry heaving which completely broke my heart. Fortunately, we got in pretty quick. Everyone kept saying how she was such a good baby. They had to get her temperature and check her blood pressure and she just rolled with the punches. To make a long story short they gave her some medicine to calm her nausea, but ultimately the cereal just didn't agree with her. I was very grateful there were no food allergies! Since then I have learned that you should really start with rice cereal because it is easier on their stomachs.

Here are some pictures from her 5 month photo shoot:

This on made me laugh so hard because it looks like such a phony smile.

Of course Katie had to try and steal the show. Kendyl doesn't seem to mind.

Sitting in a high chair like a big girl. She loved it because she could get into everything.

One of my new favorite towels. Thanks Wendy!

Cuddling with Matt :)

More time with dad reading a book.

Kendyl and Austin. She only napped 40 minutes this day. Normally she takes 2 naps (a total of 3 hours). She did not want to miss a thing while he was over.

My poor Kendyl bear when we were in the ER. She was SO tired.

This is how she sleeps now. You can see why I get so freaked out. I wake up about 10 times a night to check the monitor.

Giving Katie kisses :)

This was Kendyl's smile for a couple of days. I don't know why but Matt and I thought this was so funny.

So cute!

After church

Look what I can do!

My sweet bear :)

I walked out of the room for 2 seconds, came back in and she unfolded the entire pile of laundry that I had folded.

Katie and Kendyl on the way to work. (Yes we bring Katie to Grampy Mike's too).

Oh my gosh this was SO funny. We tried a new food (harvest vegetables and mixed grains). Kendyl HATED them! Matt and I were laughing hysterically!