Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our New House :o)

FINALLY! We are in our new house and we LOVE it!!! Living here has been such a blessing for us. I don't think either of us realized how much we missed Gilbert. It has definitely been a long journey to get here, but we wouldn't take any of it back. Here are some pictures:

The family room. We have actually patched up the wall since this picture. Eventually we plan to mount the TV, but we have plenty on our plate right now.

The kitchen...we are definitely going to need a bigger table.

The office/ game room

Master bathroom...we actually have a tub now! Kendyl has been the only one to use it though...haha.

Our bedroom. We have quite a bit to do in here (such as finding our bed skirt which has apparently disappeared). For now though it is completely functional and we are enjoying the extra space.

As much as I LOVE the racing stripes (sarcastic) I think we are going to have to get rid of them. My summer projects will include painting both kids bedrooms.

This is Baby #2's room. We cleaned it up for you guys...haha. Right now these are all the boxes that we don't want to unpack...and a bunch of other random stuff.

This is the kid's/guest bathroom

One of the reasons we loved this house so much was this play room. Its at the end of the hall so we can just shut the door and leave all the kids toys in there. At one point we had this room clean. Kendyl seems to like her organization methods a little better...

Backyard (right side)

Backyard (left)...sigh. This is going to be my saving grace this summer when I am huge and pregnant. I have only been in once, but Matt and Kendyl have been in several times. I am more of a bathwater kind of girl.

Living here has been so much fun. We have a 5-10 minute commute to work, we are close to both of our families and just the extra space has been wonderful. We feel very lucky and grateful...and honestly, hope to never move again!

Kendyl and New Baby Update

Kendyl is at such a fun age right now. She definitely keeps us on our toes, but she is learning so much right now which is really neat to watch. Best of all she is starting to go on the potty! Its a pretty new thing and Matt and I have not devoted the time to potty training that we would like to, but generally speaking she seems to be ready for it. Unfortunately, as Kendyl is getting older she is getting more picky which has been a little difficult. She will like something one day then want nothing to do with it the next day. I just try to be patient and keep introducing new foods so hopefully she will have better eating habits than Matt or I had as kids. Communicating with her is becoming a lot more effective. She pretty much understands everything we say at this point. As far as her vocabulary she is saying about 1 new word a day. My favorite word that she says though is turtle. She has the cutest pronunciation of it :) She also tells people bless you when they sneeze which I think is pretty cute. We also get to hear a lot of stories from her. Unfortunately we have no idea what she is saying so we just play along and ask her questions as if we have any idea what she is talking about. We make sure to read books often, especially at night. Part of our bed time ritual is for her (and her only...she wont let me sit with her) to sit in the rocking chair while I sit on the floor and read her a book. Her ability to focus has improved. Before she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get through a page, but now I can get through as much as 2 books. She has also started to watch TV, which she has never payed attention to before. It is still only for about 5 minutes at a time. Her favorite show is Barney (possibly my least favorite...). I am not even sure how this whole craze started, but it's pretty strong right now. With her new lengthened attention span she has also started to be more cuddly and loving (yay). She loves to give kisses and high fives. She actually will not go to bed without giving Matt and Katie a kiss goodnight. Katie absolutely hates it and growls the whole time...maybe one day they will get along. Her new favorite thing to do is to go in the pool. All we have to do is mention it and she runs to get her swim diaper. I wish she was a little more fearful of the pool to be honest, but she is just not type of child so I really need to keep my eye on her at all times! Though generally sweet, Kendyl has definitely learned to throw a fit every now and then. Matt and I have a pretty low tolerance for them so we have started using the whole time out method. The first time we put her in the corner and told her she needed to stay there. To our surprise she listened and stayed until we went to get her (she was only there about 2 minutes). For the time being it seems to be working and we have been using it less and less. Well that pretty much wraps up the recent news on Kendyl...on to Baby #2.'s a BOY! A little part of me was hoping for a girl. We have so much girl "stuff" that I am bummed I wont get more use out of it. I also liked the idea of Kendyl having a sister because I grew up with sisters. On the other hand though, I am really excited to have a boy. Bring on the basketball games and broken toys, right?! Aside from this everything looks healthy and I have still been feeling pretty good. I am definitely dreading summer though :(

Here are some recent pictures of Kendyl:

Getting into things as usual

One day she got into Matt's underwear drawer. It seriously entertained her for about 30 minutes.

Don't worry, they were clean :)

Typical Kendyl right here. She was back in her playroom and came out like this...haha

Getting ready to get in the pool. My mom got her this little swim suit...the top did not last very long though. Matt says she looks like the kid in "The Christmas Story"

At the play pad at San Tan mall.

Happy Easter!

Eating smoothies...we try to do this when Dad's not home because he gets a little stressed about the mess.

We went over to my friend Jill's house to meet her new little guy Landon. I was very interested to see how Kendyl would do with me holding the baby. Instead of getting jealous she just wanted to hold him. He was such a sweet little guy and a good sport for letting a 1 1/2 year old "hold" him. My favorite was when we told Kendyl to give him a high five she unfolded his fist with one hand and gave him a high five with the other. Hopefully this is a good sign for things to come. While I am sure Kendyl will be jealous with the new baby I hope she can be loving too.