Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Showers 2 & 3

I am very lucky to have so many people who are willing to give me baby showers. I already had one in MD over the summer with my family. My second shower was for family/friends here in AZ. The shower was at Matt's mom and there was quite a turn out. We got a TON of gifts which was very nice of everyone. All I can say is that Kendyl is going to be one well dressed little girl. She seriously has more clothes that me! Here are some pictures of the shower (Just for the record, I hate every picture of me from the shower. I was hot and fun):

My mom, me, Courtney and Austin

Julie, Stephanie, Erin, Granny Barbara, Cassie with Guy on her lap and Tammy

Me and Meghan...I have one with me, Meghan and Janine, but it is a terrible picture of me and I refuse to post it.

The cake of course. Yes, that is a belly button poking out and yes, those are giant boobs...My mom thought it was funny (which I will admit it was).

Katie is having a really hard time with all these stuffed animals coming home and she doesn't get any of them. Being the typical jealous big sister that she is, she stole this one from Kendyl's room and fell in love with it. We didn't have the heart to take it away from her and we figured Kendyl wouldn't mind (neither would Granny Barbara for that matter. She is the one who got it for us).

Baby shower number 3 was thrown for Heidi and I by our coworkers. Shortly after I began telling people I was pregnant I found out Heidi was pregnant too (just not telling yet). As it turns out we were due on the exact same date! Later down the road they moved her date up about a week and a half and she left me in the dust...She actually had her little man yesterday and I cannot wait to meet him! So here I am all by myself :( I have loved having someone else pregnant with me. We would always compare stories and it helps to take the attention off me a little since neither of us like to be the center of attention. Anyway, back to the shower. Char and Cindi threw a great shower and again I got a TON of baby stuff. It was really nice because I was able to get a lot of the things that we still needed...and of course more clothes too :) I seriously love my coworkers. They are awesome people. I got presents from people I hardly even knew. It makes me so grateful to still have my job after all of the RIF crap from last year.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Matt and I both have birthday's in September and for the sake of saving time I am going to post about them in one post. Mine was first (the 17th of September). It was on a Thursday this year so we didn't do a whole lot on the actual day, but Matt did give me my present...So You Think You Can Dance (Season 4) on DVD. I LOVED it!! On Saturday we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Claim Jumpers. It was DELISH! On the way home we stopped at Bahama Bucks, one of my other favorite places. We came home and my plan was to do nothing for the rest of the night. (Going places is just not fun when you are 9 months pregnant). I was getting out of the car I see a man in my kitchen! The man proceeded to walk up to the window and peek out the blinds. It was at this time that I realized that man was my dad? Still very confused we walked up to the door and I notice the lights turn out. Maybe it's the pregnancy brain, but nothing was registering. We opened the door and Matt had arranged for a little surprise party for me. Nothing too big. It was just my dad, uncle (who was in town from MD), sister, brother, brother in law, best friend and her husband. Never one to miss a football game, my dad ended up turning on the Texas vs Texas Tech game (so what I wanted to watch...). Overall it was a fun night and I enjoyed spending time with family and friends. The best part of it all was that Matt was able to hide it from me. I ALWAYS find out what he is getting for me or guess what he is going to do and completely by accident. Nice work Matt :)
The 28th was Matt's birthday. Since it was a Monday we didn't do too much, but we made sure to stop at Oregano's on the way home to get his new favorite meal, beef salad. That weekend we ended up doing a whole bunch of work on the baby's room, but that is a whole other story. While I realize that Matt's actual birthday was not that exciting he did get something that he really wanted (it was just a couple of weeks early). He has been talking about getting the Beatles Rock Band set since he found out about it. Well we were in Best Buy one night and the salesman told Matt about this deal they were offering where you could get Rock Band 2 for $100 and then still get the Beatles game for about $50-60 (apparently the Beatles set costs $150 and this was we could get 2 games and the equipment). Matt was SOLD! Needless to say, that was his birthday gift this year...oh and I am carrying his child ;) We haven't gotten the Beatles game yet, but we have had some serious Rock Band parties with several friends and family (I have pictures, but swore that I would never post them). Here's Matt opening his gift.

Like a kid in a candy store!
His "rocking out" pose...What a stud ;)