Saturday, March 14, 2009


For those who don't know, Morp is a high school dance where girl asks guy. In other words, it is prom backwards. Way back when, in 2001, I asked a guy named Matt Smith. He was not my boyfriend at the time, but I had a pretty big crush on him. Because I was too shy to do it alone I asked my friend Meghan if she would ask our friend Ben as well so it would seem like a group thing. Meghan and I got together and wrote a catchy little poem which was enhanced by our use of fake drums and fake cigarettes if my memory serves me correctly. I mean really who could say no that? They boys response (equally clever) was a video story narrated by Ben with clips of movies, and video games. For example, when they told the part about us driving to morp they used a clip from some racing video game. If I can ever track it down I would love to post the video we made to ask them as well as the video they used to respond. Both were pretty genius. The theme for Morp 2001 was "Morp Tour," a play on words for the very famous warped tour. The day began with a "water" balloon fight at Freestone park though I will say some of the water balloons were not filled with water. Rather they were filled with milk, coke, Jell-o, Coffee...After getting cleaned up the girls and I treated the boys to some fine dining at Wendy's, but then we had to go home and get ready. Meghan and I ran out and bought Rock Star tee shirts and "bedazzled" them....though at the time we didn't have a bedazzler so we just glued each jewel on by hand. The look was completed with crimped hair and white trash make-up. We were ready to "rock and roll." The boys took a different spin on the idea. They decided to dress up like a very popular rock band at the time (Blink 182). The costumes were to perfection. Ben actually drew Travis' tattoo's on his arms! To make a long story short we had the BEST time! Matt debuted some of the best dance moves I had ever seen, Ben showed off his impressive break dancing skills. We even started a disco line! This may be one of my all time favorite high school memories.
Fast forward 8 years later...
As a teacher, part of our responsibilities are to chaperon one after school event. This year my assignment was morp. I wont lie, I was not too excited about this assignment because I had to stay up until 11 and being pregnant and all this is not easy for me! (Don't worry I made up for it on Sunday with 2 naps!). So, here I am getting ready for morp all over again. As I am doing this I think to myself wouldn't it be so funny if I invited Ben? Wouldn't you know it, he agreed! This year it was a Skateland and the theme was "Neon nights." Unfortunately, none of us had any neon :) Here we are chaperons. What a stark contrast!Matt decided to get in on the "neon" fun! Doesn't he look like he is having the best time?
While Morp 2009 was no where near as fun as Morp 2001 it was cool to see the kids having fun just like we did back in high school...Ok, maybe not exactly like we did. I bet they didn't have a water balloon fight before hand...

Friday, March 6, 2009

The longest 10 days...

I have known now for 10 days that I am pregnant. Really, it feels like I have known for about 3 months. This post is going to start last Friday and just for the record I do not plan on sharing every little pregnant detail. This is all just new to me and I am excited. So, back to my story, I started the day not feeling so hot and as the day progressed so did my cold (or whatever it was). On the drive home from work I could barely keep my eyes open, but we stopped at Walgreen's to get some medicine. I literally could not breathe and it was making me miserable. We called the doctor to see what I was allowed to take went in and bought my drugs. It was on Friday that I had my first ridiculous crying spell. I REALLY did not want to be sick! This weekend may possibly have been one of the worst ever. I spent the entire weekend laying around the house because that was pretty much all I had the energy to do. I was incredibly nauseous which wasn't helping matters either. On Sunday I hit rock bottom. It was on Sunday I had my second ridiculous crying spell. Matt wanted to shampoo the carpets, but being the cranky, nauseous person that I was I told him that I did not feel like listening to the vacuum for the next hour. (I know what you must be thinking, how stupid right? I have a husband who WANTS to do house chores and I am complaining about listening to him when all I have to do is lay there). I was so upset because I knew how unreasonable I was being, but I couldn't help it. From the stress of all this and feeling worse than ever I started crying. Eventually, I threw up. I haven't done this since I was a child and let me just say that it is every bit as bad as I remembered it. Fortunately, it made me feel much better to just get it out of my system. I haven't thrown up since which I am very thankful for.

Monday rolls around and I have my first "pregnant" doctor's appointment. Thankfully I was able to get some medicine so I could get rid of this cold that had now moved into my chest. I was really hoping to get a due date but we were not so lucky. All she was able to tell me was that I was anywhere from 5 to 13 weeks so she requested an ultrasound so that we could narrow it down. (The 2 month gap just wasn't working). She also dropped the blood work bomb on me again. Yes, I get to do it all over again!! (And, just for the record, I am aware that more is on the horizon. Please refrain from reminding me over and over!) As the week went by I began to feel much better. Now that my body wasn't trying to fight off a cold and grow a fetus my energy level and nausea had improved significantly.

The ultrasound was scheduled for Friday and we were very excited. I knew we wouldn't be able to see much, but it would still be cool to see the little thing. Matt and I decided that if I was 8 weeks that we could officially tell people. It turns out that I am 8 weeks and 2 days and my due date is October 13th which happens to be during fall break! The ultrasound was really neat. Even though it just looked like a little blob it was the cutest little blob I have ever made! I am sure I am biased, but seriously look how cute it is:
The little nubs below its head are apparently its arms :) My appetite is still weak, but overall I can't complain. I am almost starting to feel normal again. I am just hoping that I stay like this.

After the ultrasound we went to tell Matt's family (aunts, uncles, grandpa) and we called some of my family from MD. Everyone is really excited. While I realize it may not be the smartest idea to tell everyone this early on Matt pretty much leaves me no option as he will tell anyone who will listen. So here it is...Let the games begin!