Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Kendyl

Sigh...I am finally caught up with blogging (4 posts in 1 day)! Some of these pictures are a little old, but it has been a couple of months since I have done an actual Kendyl update. Since my last post Kendyl is a walking talking machine! She loves playing outside, bath time, blankets, looking at pictures and fruit. She has taken a new interest in toys, music and books. She has about 5 books that she brings to me consistently. I think it's funny because she actually will search for these particular books. She loves feeding Katie but she also loves antagonizing her. This child LOVES animals. We were in Target last night and she saw this tiny little picture of a dog and cat on an endcap and she starts pointing and saying "cat." Though she doesn't always say it clear she definitely knows what a cat is because she points to them in all her books. In the past few weeks she has also started with dog and duck (again not perfectly clear, but she does differentiate between the two). She will say hi, bye, yeah, dada and Nikki. She used to say Mama. I don't know where it went, but I am not happy about it. She has learned how to vocalize her frustration...screaming (we have been working on this one). She likes to go in the pantry and when she wants something she sticks her hand out...or she will say "thank you" (she has her please and thank you mixed up). Last but not least we finally got rid of the pacifier. It took a couple of nights, but she is finally getting used to it. That pretty much wraps up the high points. Here are some pictures from the last couple months.

She doesn't do it anymore, but she had a phase where should would line her ducks up perfectly in a row...I wonder where she got this organization from...

Just putting on the finishing touches...

There we go...I am just going to admire my work a little bit.

Kendyl learned how to get in the pantry...

...but it's ok because I share with Katie, right?

Caught in the act!

Kendyl + pantry + box of Life cereal = MESS! It was not long after this that we finally caved and bought a lock for the pantry. She was not too happy about it but oh well.

One day we decided to go to a furniture store. Who knew that Kendyl would have such a great time? Here she is talking on the really neat "phone" they have attached to the bed.

"Hold on Mom. I am trying to make a call"

Rolling and throwing herself all over the bed, just like she does at home.

Austin joined us later that day at the park.

At the park with Jack her future husband :)

Kendyl has become such a little nester/hoarder. She goes around the house collecting random objects and then brings them back to her selected location and just sits there like she has created some masterpiece. Here she has my flip flops, my jacket, my cell phone, a wash cloth, and some numbing spray.

Reading the instructions to the washing know...typical 1 year old stuff.

Most likely asking to go outside...her favorite thing to do.

She has also found climbing in and out of laundry baskets can be a lot of fun...and another place to store "collectibles"

Kendyl LOVES my purse. She used to just take things out of it and (dis)place them all around the house, but now she has started wearing it.

"See you later mom and dad."

The purse finally ended up with her in the laundry basket. Go figure.

Like I said before Kendyl loves animals. We took her to Uncle Bears and they have pictures of dogs all over the walls. Kendyl went crazy pointing and yelling. Matt and I were laughing so hard. Fortunately it is a pretty loud place.

Christmas 2010

Christmas was definitely more fun for us and Kendyl this year. Everyone always says that kids this age are more interested in the packaging that the actual present, but not Kendyl. She was all about her presents this year. While she still does not understand the concept of Christmas, she absolutely enjoyed all the presents and attention she got! These first pictures were taken by Brenda (Brenda Eden Photography). She asked if she could test out some ideas for a photo shoot with Kendyl. Of course I said yes and I am so glad because she got some adorable pictures! These are just a couple of them. I posted a bunch more on Facebook.

Talking on her hand phone.

She did not like the taste of the orange :)

This is one of my favorites!

Poor Katie. Sometimes I think she struggles with not being the only child anymore. We do our best to include her, but a 1 year old can be pretty demanding. Though Katie does not like Kendyl she does a pretty good job of tolerating her. This tent was a present for Kendyl, but Katie decided she wanted to get in on this whole Christmas thing too (don't worry she did get some presents of her own).

These were definitely some of Kendyl's favorite gifts. She had a blast on the rocking horse. I was surprised at how quick she picked it up. Everyone just was standing around watching her. Of course my little ham just loved that. This book is also one of her favorites. She brings it to me a couple of time a day...not so much because she wants me to read it. She really likes to look at the pictures and find the cats.

Aunt Courtney got Kendyl a bunch of gifts, but I think her favorites were this cell phone and the tacky little purse (I will explain the purse in my next post). One day we were getting ready to leave and Kendyl grabbed her purse and her Minnie Mouse and stood by the door saying bye. Matt and I just laughed. This child is such a character!

I love how she is standing in this picture. So cute!

Her new shopping cart!

Please excuse the goofy looking pj's. I guess I hadn't done the laundry, but this was Christmas morning. Santa's big toy this year was her Cozy Coupe. My siblings and I had these growing up so I really wanted her to have one. Turns out she LOVED it. Good thing too, it took "Santa" forever to assemble it Christmas Eve night! (34 steps!!) She spent a good 30 minutes just climbing in and out of it. I love this picture...this is what my mom looks like when she drives...haha.

"I have Dad's cell phone now I am all set."

Playing with all the gadgets...these cars have come a long way since I was a kid.

This made the 34 steps all worth it :)

This was actually a couple of days before Christmas while I was wrapping all the presents. We got Kendyl a stool because she loves to climb right now. I think she was a little confused with how to use it.

Thanksgiving 2010

As usual we did the run around on Thanksgiving, but we definitely had a fun day with family. It is hard to remember any specifics of the day when you are this behind in posting. I didn't get too many pictures but Becky and Brenda (our family photographers) were nice enough to take some family pictures for us.

The Smith family

Kendyl hanging out with Granny


For Halloween this year we decided to dress Kendyl up but we didn't actually take her trick-or-treating because I wouldn't have let her have the candy anyway...and it drives me crazy when adults take babies trick-or-treating! She was in a mood this night. As you can see I was not able to get any real pictures of her because she was more concerned with raiding the candy basket. Hopefully next year will be a little more exciting.

Running away with candy ;)

This is at a birthday/costume party for a friend. She kept trying to crawl around, but the Pooh belly was dragging on the floor so she was a little annoyed with her costume.