Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little bit of Kendyl

Kendyl is doing very well. She is little miss personality these days. Her favorite things right now are dogs and cats (oh my gosh does she love animals!), her yellow blanket, her glow worm (since 2 days ago, but she is really attached), fruit, walks, going for rides in her wagon, riding in the back of the cart in the grocery store (she will no longer let me put her in the front seat), playing in the cars, books, kids (especially Austin), playing chase, "helping" with chores, and the list goes on. For the most part she is a happy girl, but when she is having a meltdown look out! Unfortunately, she has figured out the temper tantrum. However, she also seems to be figuring out that it doesn't get her anything so hopefully they will go away! My favorite development of Kendyl's recently has been the word please...although she says it more like "pweese." It's funny because she will start to fuss for something, but then quickly correct herself and start saying please (repeatedly). I am pretty sure she thinks that if she says please though that she gets what she is asking for because when I tell her no she will usually fuss. Oh well, she'll figure it out. Since my last post on Kendyl we have moved (more on that later) and fortunately for us she did not skip a beat! I am so happy that she is more flexible than I am. Matt and I are having a lot of fun being her parents, and we are especially excited that she is going to have a little brother or sister to help entertain her soon :)

Like I said she LOVES cats/dogs...whether its on TV or in person does not matter. One day we were walking by Petco. They had an adoption going on and there were dogs in the front window. Kendyl ran up and practically smashed her face in the window. Needless to say we had to go in and see the dogs :) Another day we were taking a walk in the neighborhood and there was a cat roaming around. Kendyl ran right up to the cat and tried to pet it. I really hope she doesn't ask for a cat when she gets a little older...maybe I will use the same trick my dad did and tell her Matt is allergic?

She went through a little phase where this was the "smile" I would get when I asked her to smile for a picture...

Try #2

And try #3...such a goof!

One of her new favorite places to play are in our cars. This will seriously keep her entertained for about an hour! It was funny because I would let her play while I was in the hall packing and next thing I know she has the brights turned on shining into the house...haha.

This child seriously loves Austin! She will just follow him around all day to see what he is doing. I don't have the picture, but we asked her to give Austin a hug and kiss and she'll go right up to him and stand on her tippy toes so she can give him a kiss. Cutest thing ever! In this picture we were driving home from lunch and apparently she felt like she needed to hold his hand. She did that the entire way home.

All dressed and ready for church. I got this new little dress for her and I love it, but trying to get her to stand still so I could take a picture was near impossible! This was the best one I could get.

And then there were...

FOUR! Well, at least there will be around September 25th. That's right, Matt and I are going to have another baby! It happened a little quicker than anticipated, but that's ok. We now can say that all of our birthdays fall within about 2 weeks of each other. I have to say it is so much different the second time around. I am almost 13 weeks and while I have been a little sick, all of the pregnancy symptoms seemed worse with Kendyl. There are actually times when I forget I am pregnant...until I look at my expanding stomach which seems to grow much quicker this time. I think that Kendyl keeps me so busy that I just don't have time to think about it. Maybe that's a good thing? As far as preference on the sex of the baby this time I would say that I am 60/40 for a girl and Matt is 60/40 for a boy. I really do like having a girl and would be very happy with another one, but I want Matt to have a son. Ultimately we just want a healthy baby.

Not sure why it keeps rotating the picture...oh well. Here is the proof. There were no false negatives this time.

Siblings Trip 2011

A few years ago we started something we are trying to make a yearly tradition. We call it the "siblings trip" because Matt and I get our siblings (plus Matt's best friend Ben) together and all go on a weekend trip. The first time we went to Lakeside, but this time since a one year old would be joining us we decided to stay a little closer and go to Prescott. The trip consisted of games, going to the "square," hula hooping (I'll explain later), nearly getting ourselves killed while trying to drive to sunset point in the snow, playing Donkey Kong and playing outside in the snow. We had a BLAST!

This was the whole group right outside the cabin

Katie really liked the rug. She was rubbing her face all over it the same way she does to wet towels.

Katie making friends. Anyone who knows Katie knows how rare this is. Cody (Danielle's boyfriend) should feel very flattered!

The cabin was great. It was this quirky old place that I found online. There were a bunch of random decorations. This was one probably our favorite though. They had this on the deer head over the fire place. Courtney decided to try it on.

There are quite a few...characters in Prescott, but these were our favorites! We were in the square and there was a small group of people who apparently meet up and hula hoop together? They bring their radios, a bunch of extra hula hoops, play rave music and just hula. Of course it caught our attention and they were inviting us to join in the completely random fun so...we did. Well, the girls did anyway. This girl's hula abilities were insane. She had several going at one time, to the beat of the music, etc. I admire her talent :)

Who knew Courtney was such a talented hula hoop artist?

Here Danielle goes too...

Of course Kendyl had to get in on the fun :)

She eventually just put it on the floor and spun in circles..haha

Out at lunch

Ummm....Kendyl in a pot on the stove. I had nothing to do with this!

Just have to check a couple things here...

At Kendall's in the square getting ice cream