Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 months!

We are officially in the double digits. I cannot believe it! I just want to put her in a time capsule and keep her this way forever because 10 months was so much fun! She is super close to walking. She has even managed a step or two, but were not there quite yet. There are still only 2 teeth, but the other day I noticed one of her side teeth on the top is very close to popping through. She is getting into EVERYTHING! You literally cannot take an eye off of her for 2 seconds before she has managed to make another mess. I love this curiosity though. She gets so excited when she finds new things to get into and I get such a kick out of it. Since she is getting older is starting to develop some likes and dislikes I thought this month I would compile a list of those things so I will not forget them:
Being rocked or held like a baby
Green vegetables (there is only one kind that I can get her to eat)
Her car seat. I cannot wait to turn her around!

Dogs. Especially small ones. She starts screaming and squirming whenever she sees them.
Katie...kind of goes with dogs, but the two of them are getting along a lot better these days. Katie has developed a real patience for Kendyl
Bottles, snacks, Especially whatever we are eating
Music. She has started to dance to it a little which is pretty cute.
Playing on our bed. She thinks its the coolest thing to throw herself backwards because she lands on soft pillows.
Pictures of people that she knows...or of herself.
Her crib. She has learned to bounce while holding on to the side of the crib which she thinks it pretty exciting.
Blankets. She doesn't have one narrowed down. but she loves to roll around in them.
Being outside. I try to take her out every night once it cools down a little.

Here are the pictures from the month:

She does this little hoppity thing when she gets excited. She was trying to get the camera.

Love that face!

She had such a fun time throwing rocks!

This is her new smile...haha!

This picture just makes me laugh

There's that new smile again :)

Her golf ball rolled under the couch :(

Kendyl and Uncle Jay

She wont crawl with her knees on the grass :)

9 months

I am way past due for this post. We have been so busy now that I am back at work. Hopefully I am able to remember everything I wanted to put in this post. So far each month continues to get more and more fun. I miss her being my little snuggly baby, but watching her grow and explore is such a blast. She is now standing on her own and waving. She understands small commands such as come here or give kisses. Her favorite word is "mukum." Not quite sure what it means since she doesn't say it at any particular time. She still only has her 2 bottom teeth. At her 9 month appointment her doctor said that it looked like she had her top 4 teeth coming through but there is still nothing. Her personality comes out more and more each day. She is a very curious, independent little girl. She will not even let me rock her to sleep anymore. I guess this is a good thing, but it definitely makes me realize how fast they grow up. Her sleeping and eating are still excellent. We have these little Gerber snacks for her that she just goes wild for! She is making a lot of noises and babble and she get get around a coffee table pretty quickly when she holds on to the side. The "I only want mom" phase seems to have subsided. She definitely bonded with Matt when I had to leave her for a work trip (for 5 whole nights!). At her 9 month appointment her weight was 20.6 lbs (75th percentile) and her height was 26 3/4" (25th percentile).

9 month photo shoot

Her curiosity landed her under the glass on our coffee table

I still wash her in the sink because it is much easier to keep her in one place (most of the time)

Maybe she was so happy because there weren't any shots this visit?

Poor thing was sick as a dog this day. She has 103 degree fever and was completely lethargic all day. At least I got some cuddle time in :)

"Helping" get her breakfast ready