Sunday, January 17, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

While I was on leave I spent a lot of time feeding Kendyl in the middle of the night. In order to get a little bit of light without waking Matt up I would turn on the TV. In this time I have seen more stupid infomercials that I care to mention, but I am going to talk about them anyway because I find them comical. Here are my picks for the top 5 STUPIDEST infomercials (in no particular order):

1. The Shake Weight. I am not going to say what popped into my head the first time I saw this one because I know it popped into all of your heads as well, but what ever happened to old fashioned weights?

2. The 3-Minute Leg Machine. Ellen featured this on her show and I almost died laughing so I posted the video of her using it.

3. Bling Sting. Honestly, this is something that no adult should EVER purchase! I was telling Matt about it and apparently a couple of women have showed up to work wearing this. Again, are you kidding me?

4. Booty Pop underwear. I can't make this stuff up!

5. I saved this one for last because this may be the BIGGEST scam I have EVER seen!! It is called miracle water. I guess all you have to do it drink it and you will get whatever you pray for!!!



Matt got an I-Pod way back when the original ones came out. It finally stopped working a couple of months ago. Being a mail carrier, Matt really enjoyed bringing his I-Pod to work so that he could listen to it while casing and delivering his route. Shortly after Christmas I decided that I wanted to buy him a new one and surprise him. After a little research I went online and ordered one for him. I had it all planned out. My hope was that it was going to be mailed on a Saturday (which it was) so I could run to the mailbox and get it while he was at work. Then I was going to charge it and download all of his songs onto it so it was all ready for him. The following Saturday I would leave it on the counter with a note telling him to have a good day. I have mentioned on my blog before that I have pretty much (UNINTENTIONALLY) ruined every surprise Matt has ever had for me. Well, he finally got me back.
About a week and a half before Matt and I ordered a scale online (yes, I do a lot of my shopping online) and it was delivered while I was at the doctors. Matt thought it was his mom's Christmas present that had been back ordered so he opened it. When it wasn't what he thought he went on our Amazon account to see if his mom's gift had shipped yet. So he logs on to the account what does he see at the top of the page? A shiny new I-Pod touch sitting nicely under the "Shipped" category. As I was leaving the doctor's I called Matt to tell him I was on my way home and he precedes to tell me that we got our scale and he went on our Amazon account to check on his mom's gift. I stay calm HOPING that he didn't see it. Without skipping a beat he asks me..."Did you order and I-Pod?" So there you have it. All of the surprises I have ruined he finally got me back :( Needless to say he was very excited, but it definitely did not work out as planned.