Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Time Fun!

I have had a blast with Kendyl this summer. It makes me a little sad that this will be the last summer with just the 2 of us so we made sure to live it up! She has been learning and growing so much lately. For the longest time I could never get her to sit still long enough to even notice the TV. Her attention span seems to be increasing quite a bit lately though because her new obsessions have been The Incredibles and Barney (possibly my least favorite children's show). It's funny when she asks to watch Barney because she pronounces it with a New York accent almost (Buarney). She also really likes to play Donkey Kong on the Wii. She likes to shake the remote and find the birds. She enjoys playing with my camera and takes pictures all the time. She is also really into books and pictures. We read several books a day and she asks to look at pictures all the time. Recently, she has taken an interest in coloring, however, she doesn't like the washable Crayola crayons. She prefers my Sharpee markers. She loves talking on the phone and whenever we ask her who is on the phone she says "Ben" (Matt's best friend). Ben usually stops by once a week and her whole world just lights up when he comes over. Now any time she hears the doorbell ring she yells "Ben" and gets all excited. It's really cute. We are trying to bring the potty training thing back up again. She seems to be showing all the signs that she is ready (taking her diaper off, telling us when she has gone to the bathroom, hiding to go poop, etc). We have been a little more lax about it than we probably should be. Being as pregnant as I am I don't necessarily feel like taking her to the potty every 30 minutes. She talks all the time and is putting 2 or more words together more and more each day. There is still a lot of babble that we don't understand, but those are also our favorite stories so it all works. I can't wait to hear what she is actually talking about. One of the funniest and weirdest things she has been doing lately is wiping kisses off. Not on her face though, on ours. She will give you a kiss then wipe your mouth with her hand). We have no idea where she learned this from. It just started one day and now she does it all the time. Other things that crack me up (but not Matt as much) are when she calls Matt, Matt (instead of Dad or dada) and when she wont drink water without ice in it (I am the same way so I realize this is completely my fault, but I still think it's funny). That's pretty much a wrap up on Kendyl. It has been a while since my last post so there are a lot of pictures.

Her pig tails

This is how she eats corn...such etiquette

This child LOVES accessories (shoes, purses and glasses mostly). One day I was cooking dinner and she and Matt were in her play room and this is how she came out. She kept handing things to Matt to put on her and this was the final product.

She would not go anywhere without her glasses for a while

My mom got her these awful glasses from the dollar store. Since I was never very "girly" my mom is determined to make my daughter the biggest priss she can.

This was so funny. She kept telling me that her dog had to go pee pee so I let her outback and she put her dog in the grass to take care of it's business.

She finally figured out that she can use the stool to reach things. It has opened up a whole new world of things to get into, which has kept Matt and I pretty busy!

My little pool baby. This child LOVES the pool. We go several times a week. She is completely fearless. She will jump and go under water without batting an eye. I love that she is so comfortable. Now that we got the pool fence I feel much better about her dare devil behaviors.

We always water the citrus trees before we get in the pool. Why is she standing like such a little adult?

Like I said she loves shoes. She is probably better than me at walking in heels.

At Joe's Barbecue

I love this picture. She was running so fast I could barely keep her in the frame!

The biggest transition of the summer has been moving her to the toddler bed. She seriously loved her crib so I felt really bad taking it from her, but I was not about to buy another one for her brother. At first we kept the two in her room and would let her choose. While she loved to play in the bed she chose the crib every time when it came time to sleep so eventually we had to just take it cold turkey. The first night was really hard. She cried and kept asking me to read "more books." After that things got a little better with each nap and bed time. After about 3 nights it was back to business as usual. Nap time has become a little more of a challenge. She likes to get in and out of her bed, but eventually she crawls in bed and goes to sleep. I guess I can't complain.

It's official she has chosen her favorite blanket. It's the yellow one she is snuggled up with. She carries it all over the house and likes to chew on the corners and play with the tag. I know she has a lot of...crap in her crib, but she insits that it is all there. This is just one battle I don't choose to fight.

My friend Heidi signed her son up for the Little Gym and invited us to come along one day. Kendyl liked it so much I had to sign her up for the last 4 weeks of summer. It was really great for her. It gave her a chance just to run and climb, but it also gave her a chance to play with kids which she loved.

Catching a bubble on her finger

At her friend Jack's birthday party. She LOVED Chuck E. Cheese!

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She is so cute! I love the where she came out and kept asking Matt to put stuff on! The red sweatband lol cracked me up!